Replay Radio and Replay A/V

Replay Radio and Replay A/V 7.3

Replay has two main ways to record: as a Stream Capture,or as Audio Recording
7.3 (See all)

Replay Radio and Replay A/V are easy and powerful ways to record Audio and Video broadcast over the Internet. You can capture all kinds of Web-based Radio and TV programs, either live or by a schedule.

Replay A/V has two main ways to record: as a Stream Capture Download, or as Audio Recording. Replay Radio uses only Audio Recording. Stream Capture Download grabs audio and video directly from the internet source. This method offers perfect reproduction, doesn't require any sound card setup, and lets you record multiple audio and video feeds at the same time. However, some internet audio cannot be recorded via this method, and for those cases, the Audio Recording method captures audio that plays over your PC's speakers.

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